Compass Rose is committed to helping our members age well. To do this, we’re offering a dedicated team to support your goals — whether that is to stay in your home (age-in-place), find local services, support health and wellness goals, or help getting needed care.

In the course of this support, information will be exchanged between you and these team members. This information will be considered protected health information and will be held as confidential by the team supporting you. Sharing of this information will only occur with your permission and for the purpose of helping you maintain your health.

866-368-7227 (option 6)

Barbara Labosky


Resource Coordinator

How Can the Resource Coordinator Help You?

The Resource Coordinator can help you find answers to the things that concern your independence and quality of life. For example, we can find resources that support aging in place and refer you to community programs that increase or maintain your independence. If you need help improving your social connectedness, are worried about your safety in your current living situation or even need help locating a provider, the Aging Well program can help resolve those barriers for you. In addition, I can connect you with the proper resources to assist you with your more complex healthcare needs.

About Your Resource Coordinator

Barbara has more than 15 years of experience helping individuals and their caregivers. She has a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology and is also a Certified Case Manager. Barbara is driven by a passion to serve members as they navigate their needs. She enjoys working with members and assisting them as they maintain their independence.  

“I am excited to help you on your aging journey. I look forward to walking beside you as you navigate the ups and downs of aging gracefully.” 


Outreach Program Manager

How Can the Outreach Program Manager Help You?

In addition to having the Resource Coordinator assistance, our Outreach Program Manager is here to help oversee the Aging Well program and make sure you receive the support you need.  

About Your Program Manager

Eric has been a nurse for over 15 years with experience in cancer, hospice, and emergency care. He is passionate about helping members take charge of their own health. He has written and spoken extensively about improving the support our health care system provides patients. 

“I’m so excited to support you on the path to engagement with your own health and health care.”